Pseudo code: How it is useful

Sudarshan Thube
1 min readOct 7, 2021


Pseudo code is like note, we can add some information or note related to any specifics.

Green code followed by double slash Pseudo code,

To become better programmer, writing pseudo code is best practice. It help to maintain good architecture for our project as well as our own understanding on project.

pseudo code, is reliable asset when we work in team.It work as bridge between team members. it is the best way to achieve better results.

In long run,when project has too many scripts, too many line of code then some time we don’t remember working for some contents or we may not find some contents when we need them. it leads to creating duplicate functions,variables etc. It become even harder when don’t figure out the logic behind algorithm we have written before.

To avoid this, we can use pseudo code, with which we can add specific notes in our scripts. so when next time we need them we can read that to confirm its working. It also help to build better project by avoiding mistakes.