From Prototype to Work of Art

Sudarshan Thube
2 min readJan 21, 2022


Graphics source :FileBase

To get graphics assets from FileBase, we need to import File Base Package from site. After importing it, Check menu bar for file base.

Log in to filebase and search for 2d game development, then download it. All files will automatically get saved in project folder.

In this kit, we will get all sprites for Player, Laser, Enemy and Background.

Now, Create new prefabs for Player,Laser,Enemy to replace our prototype models and colliders,rigidbody, scripts to appropriate model. also check their collider size and re arrange it.

New Laser

Laser collider not matching with laser image, lets fix it. Drag the green knobs(as shown in below image)with mouse cursor.

Laser with Fixed Collider.

Check other images as well and fix collider issue as above.

Player ship
Player ship with fixed collider
Enemy ship

We fixed all colliders , now set up new background image and check if our game mechanics are working fine or not.

Testing game after changing graphics.

Our game is working fine after changing graphics. Lets move to the next step that is to spawn enemy with spawn so that they can spawn continuously and properly.

In next article we will work on enemy spawn script….